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Multi Head Split Systems

These split systems consist of a single outdoor unit that contains its compressor, and multiple indoor units installed throughout various rooms or zones of the home.

Multi Head Split Systems provide a number of benefits over other air conditioning alternatives like ducted systems or portable air conditioners. They enable targeted temperature control, and provide improved energy efficiency and air quality.

biggest selling points of multi-head split system air conditioners is their customisable cooling abilities. These air conditioning systems enable you to set a different desired room temperature in any space of the home. And with a reverse cycle multi split system, you can cool or heat multiple rooms to suit the specific comfort levels of each member of the household.

Homeowners looking for a new air conditioner in their home, one that is easy to set up, should look towards a multi-head split system. Compared to a ducted system, they typically do not require major home renovations to install ductwork.

By comparison, you only need to drill a small hole into the wall to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit of a multi-head system. It makes the installation process easier and far less invasive than ducted systems.

On top of this, you have the ability to install a multi-head split system in a wider variety of spaces due to its smaller size. It makes them the ideal solution for homes with limited space.

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